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  • Discover our unique Story

    W.J. Alexander & Associates (WJA) was established in 1980 by Mr. Willie J. Alexander.  Mr. Alexander began his insurance career in 1973 with Sun Life of Canada while playing defensive back for the National Football League’s (NFL) Houston Oilers.  Over the seven years during his dual career as an insurance broker and football player, he developed strong entrepreneurial skills as a lead broker for several major insurance companies specializing in life insurance, group health insurance and estate preservation.  Finally, after playing nine years in the NFL (1971-1980), Mr. Alexander retired in March 1980 to establish W.J. Alexander & Associates.  The other notable NFL retiree that day, Roger Staubach.

    From that point forward, and with the mentorship of intrepid consultants at Johnson & Higgins, WJA expanded its expertise to employee benefits consulting in response to business clients’ need for an optimum mix of insurance products and consulting services.  Specializing in renewal rate negotiations, plan design, marketing, and business continuation WJA thrived while offering services to enterprises such as McDonald’s, Camco International, CRS-Sirrine, Baker Hughes, Entex, and the Houston Oilers among others.

    Also, throughout its growth, WJA remained (and still is) a community partner charitably supporting various organizations including the Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Greater Houston Partnership, Pro-Vision Charter School, Cynthia & Melvyn Wolff Family Foundation, Texas Southern University Foundation, the United Way, the United Negro College Fund, and Houston’s Ensemble Theatre.

    Now, in looking to the future, WJA continues to compete to better service our clients as the financial services sector continually evolves.  While WJA has always been more than just an insurance brokerage, WJA’s service platform has grown to incorporate additional advisory services including human resources, risk management, and technology consulting.  Furthermore, WJA sustains its competitive edge by retaining competent professionals with varied backgrounds in actuarial sciences, computer sciences, human resources, law, marketing, and mathematics.  WJA still believes that the opportunities for growth in the insurance and financial services industry are limitless, and the firm pursues those opportunities enthusiastically.

    With a desire to positively impact our Texas and national economy — forged over 40 years of successes and perseverance — through it all, WJA will always retain a team, philosophy, and profile that remains UNIQUE.

  • WJA Supplier Diversity Statement

    What We Believe

    WJA believes that small business, corporate and government enterprises that commit to supplier diversity contribute enormously to our nation’s economic growth.

    Our Value Proposition

    For over 35 years, WJA has helped numerous corporations meet strategic business goals for their insurance and financial services needs.  Whether accomplishing cost savings for (multiple) national benefits programs; managing new coverage initiatives for 30,000 employees; providing consulting services for executive carve-outs; or, providing back-office administrative support, WJA has successfully delivered professional services to Fortune 500 companies since our inception.

    Now, as we enter our next generation, we seek to provide the same performance value to our clients with our growing risk management and technology consulting practices.  Even more, we are always aggressively seeking ways to (nimbly) leverage our value by capitalizing upon the natural disruption that technology brings to any industry, and translate that disruption into net profits for your firm.

    Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

    At WJA, of course we can help your organization achieve internal minority business spending goals.  In the alternative, we can also help your organization meet minority contracting requirements established by your customers and prospects including other private enterprises, or local, state, and federal agencies.  But, most importantly, WJA has committed ourselves to bringing diverse suppliers to the table — from our industry.  So, just as we partnered and developed many years ago with entrepreneurial professionals at Johnson & Higgins, WJA always seeks to bring other MWBE financial service companies to the table when we are performing in a prime contracting capacity.

    A Valued Business Partner

    We are an independent insurance brokerage and consulting firm – first.  We just so happen to be minority-owned.  We work with and compete with regional and national firms everyday.  They are our competitors and (at times) colleagues.  Yet, compared on a per capita basis, our track record, clients (past and present), and production speak volumes.  We have never placed ourselves on any lists for fastest growing or largest anything (nor will we), but our industry peers know that when you work with our firm, you are working with a valued business partner that performs.

    It’s who we are.

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